Top vs Bottom Week 10 in Premier League

There are lots of good opportunities for combination bets this week!

Southampton vs Chelsea might be the top game of the week if you really had to go looking for one

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The “sure” games coming in Premier League


Oooohhh, did you witness Chelsea crush Manchester United last week? Big slap in the face of Mourinho right there. Unfortunately this week we will not have such a game but we have something else, which is quite unusual. Apart from the Stoke vs Swansea and Southampton vs Chelsea game, all top 10 teams are playing bottom 10 teams. This means no “main event” this weekend, but it also means there are lots of good opportunities for combination bets. I suggest betting for the favorite in most games and combining them for higher odds.

Two games this week where the winner is quite easily predicted. Arsenal is most likely to win league-last Sunderland away as is Manchester United to win Burnley. Low odds for the favorite in both games, so combine them into one ticket with a modest bet and you should be see money from wins instead of disappointment. Man United has been slacking but their EFL Cup win over Manchester City gives them new confidence. Don’t hesitate to combine these games with other games to raise up the total odds.

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The good odd games for this week

Everton vs West Ham. Everton is getting odds at their home turf that are close to 2. Good bet in any case, almost doubling your money with a win. Good way to think about betting, isn’t it? While only 5 points separate these two teams, there is a gap of 12 in the goal difference, which supports Everton’s win at home turf.

Southampton vs Chelsea might be the top game of the week if you really had to go looking for one. Playing away, this gives Chelsea the highest odds for a match favorite this week. Chelsea still making lots of goals this season, makes them strong at any game. I would not hesitate to put Chelsea on a single ticket for win with a modest bet. Maybe too risky to combine with anything else?

Tottenham vs Leicester City is my favorite bet for the week. Tottenham defends so well, with a clean sheet again last week against Bournemouth, tallying up to total of 5 this season. This means in more than half of the games Tottenham does not concede a single goal, and coming saturday might be the next one in line. Odds are 1.65 at home against mid-class Leicester. Bet for Tottenham! Worst enemy is an also likely draw.

Rarely I predict a draw, but this might be a good chance for it. Middlesbrough vs Bournemouth sees two quite average teams this season, and to be honest I find hard to pick a favorite here, but the odds of 3.15 for teams that defend quite well seems good for a draw to bet. So I give my suggestion to go ahead and try it.

Pep Guardiola and Manchester City have six games without win. This is a long streak for such a coach and team. Would you still bet them away against West Bromwich? Leave a comment and let me know your opinion!

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