Premier League Teams Qualifying for Europe

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Premier League Teams Qualifying for Europe

Even though winning the Premier League is a huge thing itself, there are extra rewards awarded to the winner and other teams that have fared well by qualifying to european leagues – the mighty Champions League and UEFA Europa League. It is clear that teams that have had a successful season qualify for europe, but who actually qualify and how many teams in total? There are also differences in to what place in Champions and Europa League the teams qualify into and if they can avoid thrilling qualifying phases and play-off rounds. This is an introduction of the way Premier League teams are qualified to play in europe next season.

The amount of teams to qualify from England is set as such: At most five teams qualifying for Champions League and at most three qualifying for Europa League.

Qualifying from the Premier League

Straight Into Champions League Group Stage

Four teams have a chance to qualify straight into the group stage of the Champions League, not dependant on performance in elsewhere. Three of these are directly awarded to Premier League teams and one requires an Premier League team to win the Europa-League


  1. Premier League Champion
  2. Premier League runner-up
  3. Premier League 3rd place
  4. UEFA Europa League winner, assuming that an Premier League team has won it.


These teams will qualify straight into the Champions League group stage, and will not qualify through qualifying or play-off rounds to get into the group stage.


Note: To have 4th spot to qualify requires last Champions League winner to qualify into the Champions League by its finish in the national league, otherwise 4th spot UEFA Europa League winner will be placed into the Champions League play-off round.


Qualifying to Champions League Play-off Round

On top of having three teams from the Premier League automatically qualify for the Champions League group stage, one team will qualify straight into the Champions League play-off round.


  1. Premier League 4th place
  2. UEFA Europa League winner, only if Champions League winner qualifies through standings in its national league. Otherwise Europa League winner qualifies straight into Champions League group stage.


If English teams have won both Champions League and Europa League, following takes place:

  • Team that won the Champions League proceeds straight into the group stage
  • Europa League winner proceeds to Champions League play-off round
  • Premier League 4th is transferred into the Europa League
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Qualifying for Europa League Group Stage

Winners of the English Cup competitions are also awarded spots in europe


  1. FA Cup winner


If FA Cup winner qualifies for Champions League or Europa League through its finish in national league, next non qualified Premier League team takes the weakest spot which is League Cup winner’s spot in europe.


Qualifying for Europa League Play-off Round and Qualifying Round

  • Premier League 5th
    • Qualifies for Europa League play-off spot


If Premier League 5th has already qualified for europe through FA Cup, the spot goes the next highest placement in Premier League.


  • League Cup winner
    • Qualifies for Europa League third qualifying round


If Leagu Cup winner has already qualified for europe by high finish in the Premier League, next highest finished team gets this position


  • Premier League team with the best Fair Play statistics, that has not already qualified for europe and only if England has on of top 3 position in standings and fair play score of over 8
    • Qualifies for Europa League first qualifying round


Relegating to Europa League from Champions League

On top of all these, teams that have been eliminated out of Champions League will be transferred to the same seasons Europa League

  • Europa League play-off round
    • 15 eliminated teams from Champions League third qualifying round


  • Europa League group stage
    • 8 elimininated teams from Champions League group stage

These spots are not allocated spots for Premier League teams, but instead rewarded to teams by their performance, which means they could be Premier League teams.



As you can see, qualifying system is very complicated, mainly because there are several ways to qualify and at the same time Champions Leagues and Europa Leagues amount of participating teams is set. Two different tier leagues are also played in europe, out of which Champions League is more valuable than Europa League. Additionally, in the middle of Champions League, eliminated teams will be transferred to play in the Europa League.

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