Premier League Presents: Chelsea vs Tottenham

Betting Predictions for week 13 in Premier League


Chelsea vs Tottenham is the most interesting game to watch on Saturday night.


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Chelsea vs Tottenham


As weather in Europe keeps getting colder and the days darker, football keeps on rolling. One could say football is a winter sport, at least in most of the countries. Premier League is no exception and more games will be played in rainy, chilling weather. Another full round will be played this week, with Chelsea vs Tottenham being the most interesting game to watch on Saturday night.

The two teams who have done very well this season. Tottenham could be higher, but their demise has been seemingly endless amount of draws and their good defending apparently smothering their attacking efforts. Chelsea could not be any higher since they took #1 spot last week when Liverpool failed to win. Chelsea has been very good offensive and defensive and such their pole position is no surprise.

When it comes to the game, Chelsea is the clear favorite here, especially because it is their home game, and home teams are usually more successful with the fans giving an extra boost to the team on the pitch. Diego Costa and Eden Hazard are having a very good season so far and Diego Costa has already reached double digits with goals, at 10 he has twice as many as Spurs best scorer – Harry Kane. At 1.72 odds betting for Chelsea is a good choice. Tottenham could defend to get a draw, but Chelsea offense is lethal that supporting their win is the most reasonable thing here. Odds are also very good.

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Manchester United vs West Ham

This Sunday game should be a win for ManU. History says that even ManU has struggled last seasons, they have lost to West Ham only twice in the last 23 games these two teams have met. Both teams have struggled with consistency this season, but West Ham has conceded horribly too many goals this season and are facing a challenge in defending against the superstars in Manchester side, who have shown signs of warming up.

With odds of 1.45 for Manchester United, it will likely be found on tickets of many betters and I will be one of them. Remains to be seen what is Ibrahimovic role in ManU offense, as there are a lot of young competitors ready to take his place.

Arsenal vs Bournemouth

Arsenal is looking to catch the top in their game against Bournemouth, and might just succeed. Their last two games were tough, 1-1 draws against Spurs and Manchester United. Had they won one of these games, their situation would be much stronger. Those games between top teams are what separate the title winner and runner ups. This should be a routine game at home for the Gunners. Bournemouth should not have the material to challenge Arsenal and they have only scored almost half the goals Arsenal has.

Win for Bournemouth is very unlikely, their offensive seriously lacking. Draw is also a stretch, so I suggest betting for Gunners win with odds at moderate 1.39.

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