Is Manchester United Worth Betting on?

Betting Predictions for week 14 in Premier League


Goals, goals are what we want to see and scorers is what we are going be looking after!


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Manchester United VS West Ham

Betting Everton or Manchester United for a win?

Another disappointing result from Manchester United when they managed to get a draw only in their home game against West Ham. ManU has slumped to the area between top and middle of the league table and the top teams have already sprang too far ahead and many teams are coming fast behind them.

The problem with betting for Manchester United, or even betting in a match they are playing is that it is a team with huge potential, who constantly underachieves. In betting, it does not really matter i a team is good or bad, as long as they play consistent. Betting is about prediction, and a team that has a lot of star players but does not deliver, is very hard to predict.

This weeks game against Everton is another good example of this problem. What would you bet? Everton is playing at home against star stuffed ManU. They are separated in the league table by only one point, yet Everton gets almost double the odds as United.

I, personally find it hard to predict how this game will go. So my advice is to skip trying to bet on a winner, and just bet on goals made. Betting under 2.5 goals in game gives nice odds of 1.8 and is very playable. Betting Everton or Manchester United for a win? Nah, not for me thank you very much.

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Saturday’s Super Game: Manchester City vs Chelsea

Now this game is something special. If Manchester United has been inconsistent, then these two teams have been consistently good. That makes for a superior game for saturday. Very possibly, the winner will have the top position after the week is over. Tickets for this game will surely be all gone, so be sure to make sure you can watch it from TV or an internet stream. It is a very good opportunity to crack open a cold one, enjoy football and do some live betting.

Manchester City lead the Premier League for a long time, but has since had a few disappointing results – yes even a draw is a disappointment when you’re racing for the win – and since Chelsea has come and took the first position. Chelsea lead by Antonio Conte has won seven consecutive games and no need to say that the London team is on a roll. Will Manchester City be able to stop them?

Goals, goals are what we want to see and scorers is what we are going be looking after. We have two guys in the double digit club. Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa both with 10 goals each are extremely dangerous, especially considering the world top support they get from their team. These teams can create chances out of nowhere and Misters Aguero and Costa can convert from them.

What to bet here? Odds say Manchester City with 2.17, senses say Chelsea at 3.55. Like the Everton – ManU game, best choice is to look for the goals made for your betting choices. Go over 2.5 goals with odds 1.74 and hope for a goal fiesta. If you really need to bet for a winner, then go for Manchester City. Most importantly, enjoy!

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