Manchester United vs Arsenal In a Premier League Thriller

Betting Predictions for week 12

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Hooray! Finally someone else is #1 at the league table, and it is Liverpool with some fantastic results lately. They climbed to the top by winning Watford clearly 6-1, and tallied their points to 26 so far. Best 4 teams are still very close to each other, within 2 points. But the gap between rest has stretched out a little. Spurs at 5th place have 21 points and ManU and Everton come behind at 18 points, so they have a lot to catch up, especially Manu thinking they were predicted to win the league by many this season. This week they will have a lot of glory to redeem playing against Arsenal.

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Manchester United vs Arsenal

Manchester United are finally back on winning track after beating Swansea 3-1 two weeks ago, but now they face an important challenge when Arsenal from London comes for a visit. Winning in this game is critical for both teams. If ManU loses, top teams – including Arsenal – will spring far ahead of them. Liverpool is now 8 points ahead and possibly being 11 points behind after next round would be a distance too great to catch. Arsenal also needs a win to stay up with the title contest, while their position with 24 points is much better.

The odds predict a tight game, 2.6 – 3.35 – 2.95. Best bet is to take a risky bet for a draw or safe and good bet for under 2.5 goals with odds of 1.85. Statistics support this approach as well.


Games with standard odds

This week we have several games that provide quite standard odds of just above 1.5, allowing great potential for combined tickets. Odds at that level give around 50% return for your risk while still maintaining very high probability of succeeding. Alone, they prove to be good bets as well if you are playing to win money in the long run, but also combining them gives you much riskier chance to win big once.

These games are of course:

Crystal Palace – Manchester City, 1.52 for Man City win

Everton – Swansea City, 1.57 for Everton win

Tottenham – West Ham, 1.52 for the home team

Middlesbrough – Chelsea, 1.52 win for visiting Chelsea,

Combined, these give odds of around 5 for the whole standard ticket.


Winning in this game is critical for both teams

How much to bet?

This is something I get asked quite often. My philosophy is small risky bets and big safe bets. This is the best way to bet long term and collect your wins little by little. If you bet too risky with a small bankroll, you will lose your money no doubt. For combined tickets, also go with a small bet. When doing live betting it is also advised to place several small bets throughout the game and spread them, so you have a chance of winning in different outcomes. Never bet against yourself, example of this is betting for a win and a draw in the same game.

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