Betting tips for World Cup Europe Qualifiers

There are plenty of games where the odds for favorite are just barely over 1, such as Spain vs Macedonia with 1.05 for Spain


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2018 fifa world cup

The English Premier League is once again paused while we watch our national teams going at it again, trying to secure a spot in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. European World Cup Qualifiers have always been really fierce when it comes to qualifying, as there are so many good teams and it does not help that there is always a few surprisers who shock the whole scene and maybe even drop out some of the favorites.

Nonetheless, these are some really interesting games with national pride on the line and often we have clubmates facing off against each other. In Europe, 56 teams compete and only 13 qualify, so let’s take a look at some of the World Cup Qualifier games this week.

Wales vs Serbia


Most matched this round of the qualifiers are very one sided, or too close to bet on. Wales vs Serbia is one of the best matches, and the Euro Cup showed us how much potential wales has. Playing home, they have odds of 2.40 which I find very generous and I would put Wales on a single ticket to win. One of the only games this qualifier round where I would play a high odd target.

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

Ukraine vs Finland


Finland has started the qualifiers bad, really bad. With only a point from the first game against Kosovo, which should have been a clear win Ukraine is 3rd with 5 points and proceeding pretty much as expected. If Finland loses this qualifier game, they have gone a whole year without a win as a national team, so it will be very interesting to see. Ukraine is the clear favorite here with small odds, but I would pick up draw at 4.95 odds as a single ticket.

France vs Sweden


Euro Cup 2nd vs Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This should be a clear win for France, their material is really outstanding and Sweden has been deteriorating slowly, their superstar Zlatan getting old and he can not carry the national team on his back any more.

England vs Scotland


Official qualifier game after Brexit-vote and after failed Scotland separation from the United Kingdoms. There are so much on line here when it comes to national pride. While being able to advance from group stage in 2016 France Euro Cup, they had a disaster exit against small and puny Iceland. Playing home with well superior material advantage, England is the only choice here, with 1.36 odds for win. Anything else is a disgrace for them.

Georgia vs Moldova


Maybe the best target if you consider odds and risk. 1.5 is very solid bet odds, not risky and still might actually pay something back. Good idea to bet Georgia at 1 here. Don’t be afraid to combine with other games too.

What not to bet


There are plenty of games where the odds for favorite are just barely over 1, such as Spain vs Macedonia with 1.05 for Spain. There is really no reason to play them, as they barely pay back anything and won’t multiply other odds enough to make it worth them. Even the draws in games like this are so unlikely, that it is just better to leave these alone.

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